Its not each day you receive paid to possess your hair reduce and coloured by top hair-care professionals, but this really is just what occurred for one Designs Immediate model. She starred in a step-by-step video clip for Schwarzkopf, working with award-winning television and video clip manufacturing business Sign.

Stacy from Sign turned to Designs Direct on behalf of their client a female model aged in between thirty and forty. They needed a woman to become filmed having her hair reduce and coloured, discussing the procedure for an online video. After an preliminary casting it was design Katherine who was selected to consider part.

When enquiring, Stacy was initially unsure about utilizing modelling company but she was much more than pleased using the finish outcomes. “I was a little hesitant to make use of Models Immediate getting never heard or labored with them prior to but it is been a pleasure,” Stacy commented in her feedback to Models Direct. “The design was absolutely fantastic. We were extremely happy with her and our consumer was as well!”

This was the first for Katherine and she is obviously a natural in front with the digital camera good hair dye brands. Understandably she stated the very best part of the assignment was ending up having a fantastic new haircut from a top London stylist and also the bit of additional earnings cannot have already been bad either!

Models Immediate asked Katherine how she felt following taking part within the assignment. joico shampoo “Thoroughly impressed with the organisation and caring mindset of all the Tv crew involved during the assignment, she reported. “It was a really fun day and I loved each and every moment of it! “.

And what would she say to somebody pondering of “It could be extremely glamorous and the cash is nicely paid, however, there are lengthy hrs and early morning begins,” Katherine concluded. “As long as you’re confident, organised and possess a sense of humour, modelling is certainly an excellent occupation. loreal professional “.

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